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Atlantic weddings with infinite sea views

Enjoy and forget everything else

Two days after the wedding, the joy is disappearing. You have been doing all the afternoon doing lacitos to tie, rolled up, the minute you leave in the plate of each guest, the florist does not show signs of life and you have not had time to think about the candy bar...

Salones para bodas con vistas al mar en Galicia

After overcoming a long list of obstacles you arrive, tired but you arrive, to the big day. Where is the photographer? The people waiting in the restaurant and he without presenting himself ...

At last you appear in the restaurant and while you greet the cousin of Cuenca that you have not seen for six years you intuit in the distance that the Aunt Conchita and the cousin Pilar, that can not be seen, and they go to the same table! If that happens the wedding can explode.

You leave the cousin of Cuenca and run to Aunt Conchita to intercept his career and find another place, and in the middle of the race greet Carlos, who has come and has a bad face, and of course, you realize that your child Has gluten intolerance and no one remembered ...

On the other side of the room the DJ shrugs. He has taken the computer with the musical selection, but where is the equipment? At this point you close your eyes and intuit that your party can become a headache. That or you choose another scheme and you dedicate to what you have to dedicate.

Our philosophy is simple: the day of your wedding is for you to enjoy, not to be aware of a thousand things. Of all we take care of ourselves, from the first to the last of the details. We have thought of everything to fit your needs with total flexibility. Ask for what you need and let yourself be advised by our expert in Events, Vanesa Vidal, who will help you in everything and will look for everything to be perfect.

Salones para bodas con vistas al mar en Talaso Atlantico

Our lounges are designed so that your guests will find a spectacular staging, with a terrace with clear views over the ocean for your ceremony, cocktail area in the garden and at the main entrance of the lounge, tables to accommodate up to 300 diners and Space reserved for the dance.

Everything with own access and all the services so that you and your you enjoy of total privacy during the celebration. And so you can enjoy the dance, without hurry, until dawn.

The decoration of the room, the printing of the minutes, the Mini Club and the children's playground - with specialized personnel to take care of the children - and the accommodation of the grooms in double superior room are included in our services, as well as special prices for the stay of the guests.

If you need hairdressing and aesthetics, we have them, a DJ with music, too. If you prefer to come with your own hairdresser and organize your own music, no problem. We want you to enjoy it and it's up to you to decide what you want, we'll put it on.

Our kitchen only uses first quality products in the elaboration of the menus, in which our chef Javier Fins also brings an original touch and an excellent design based on traditional gastronomy. From there, you decide what you want: octopus, ham to cut, wines ... If you have any special request let us arrive.

And the next day take it easy and enjoy a brunch with your own before going through the thalassotherapy center. There is no hurry. It's your wedding day.

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