Talaso Atlántico


Primer Hotel con Talasoterapia
en las Rías Baixas


The Thalassotherapy Centre, as opposed to using hot springs spas, only make use of seawater and those elements that generates its environment: algae, slime, mud, sea air, etc. Each of these natural elements is the bearer of a recognized benefit.

Thalassotherapy is particularly recommended for recovery from sequelae of trauma, surgery on the musculoskeletal system, chronic rheumatic processes, joint wear, respiratory, skin and gynecological diseases.


5 minutes from the beautiful town of Baiona la Real, located in one of the most rugged seascapes and beautiful of the peninsula is TALASO ATLANTICO.

On a plot of 50,000 m2 facing the Atlantic Ocean. Silleiro shared by the lighthouse and wild horses that inhabit the mountain.

A great communication with the A-9, just three minutes from TALASO ATLANTICO.


A geography of great interest with good communications bring us closer to a comprehensive and unique offering for culture and leisure:

  • The monumentality of Santiago de Compostela (50 minutes)
  • The walled portuguese town of Valenca do Miño with is depp culture and shopping (30 minutes)
  • Poetic Island of A Toxa (40 minutes)
  • At the seaside village of La Guardia  with its famous lobsters (20 minutes)
  • The largest population center of Galicia, Vigo (20 minutes)
  • The seafaring town of Bayona (5 minutes)
  • Golf Courses (Domaio, Mondariz, A Toxa)
  • Cies Islands (from Bayona and Vigo in season)

Project Comfort

ATLANTIC TALASO is designed as a classical granite building, with balustrades and terraces whose architecture recalls the style of indigenous solar homes. 12.000 m2 house built inside a real philosophy of comfort.