Talaso Atlántico

I International Forum on Seawater and Marine Algae

The 1st International Forum on Seawater and Marine Algae is organized by Talaso Atlántico, the Ibero-American Association of Thermal Peloids, the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the University of Vigo and the Galician Scientific-Technical Society of Thalassotherapy.

Companies and entities such as Algamar, Quinton Laboratories and the Spanish Society of Thalassotherapy collaborate.

The programme consists of:

  • Lectures and workshops: Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October.
  • End of the Cooking Competition: Saturday 26th October.

Thalasso Atlantic will host on 24, 25 and 26 October the First International Forum on Seawater and Marine Algae.

The meeting is aimed at the general public, alternating lectures and informative activities with conferences of a more scientific nature.

The potential of seawater in skin conditions, rehabilitation processes and respiratory therapies will be analysed.

Also, the Forum will have the presence of responsible and experts in thalassotherapy from Italy, France and Portugal, as well as researchers from the University of Vigo.

The pharmacological properties of seaweeds will be analysed and cooking workshops will be held with these products.

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Previously, the organization has already launched a cooking competition with seaweed as a base, in which students from catering schools can participate. Of all the recipes received, six will be chosen to compete on Saturday, 26 October, in the final.

The jury will be made up of the head chef of the Talaso Atlántico restaurant, Javier Fins, as well as other chefs of outstanding prestige.